$20 Savings Challenge - Save Over $1000 In One Year! Easy To Understand Challenge!

Are you looking for a savings challenge that is simple and to the point?

You want a challenge that doesn't make you wonder how much you need to save because it changes daily, weekly, or monthly? Than this is the savings challenge for you!

The $20 Savings Challenge!

On Be Secure Financially we want you to have options on your Financial Freedom journey! So we have multiple options for you: a 30-Day Challenge, the 52-Week Challenge, the Penny Challenge and even more to come!

This $20 Savings Challenge is the most simple and easy to understand of all of the savings challenges.

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$20 Savings Challenge

You simply put away $20 per week, every week of the year. So $20 x 52 weeks in one year and you save over $1000! This is also a great challenge to start at anytime of the year, like right now!


Week 1 - $20

Week 2 - $20

Week 3 - $20

Week 4 - $20

Week 5 - $20

And so on..

Until Week 52 - $20

This is the easiest way to put away $1040 in one year!

Use a clear a jar (to see your savings), a piggy bank, or setup automatic bank transfers from your checking account into your savings account.

If you choose the auto transfer option, once the transfers are setup, your app/bank will transfer the money for you into the desired account.

This is no different than any other savings challenge, put the money into an account, or a jar, and don't touch or spend it!

Simple, straightforward, savings!

Happy Saving!


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