3 Steps To Saving Your First $1000 and Start Getting Out of Debt!

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

A great first step to getting out of debt, is to save your first $1000; or if that seems to high for your financial situation, start with the goal of the first $500.

I know that can seem daunting. You may barely be able to pay your bills and you might be thinking that you need to put that extra $1000 towards paying down a bill. Well, ultimately it is your choice where you put that $500 or $1000; but a great place to actually place that first thousand is into your emergency/savings fund.

Make A Budget

We have established that you can make a budget with just a few simple steps. Determine your income and expenses. Then set your financial goals. Finally adjust your habits. This will allow you to realistically manage your monthly finances. Look at what you are spending each month from a large cell phone or cable bill, to extra nights out to dinner and see where you can cut back and save.

Clear Out and Sell Items

A great way to start taking control of your finances is by doing a little "spring"/summer cleaning. You can go through your home and place things into piles: things you use, things you may use, and things you don't use. These can be items from jewelry you don't use, to clothes you or your children have outgrown, to a boat or extra car. You can use websites such as Craigslist, Facebook and Instagram to sell various items, and feel good about living a less cluttered life.

Make More Income - Even If It Is A Small Amount

Examine your life and skills. You may realize you have a profitable skill that you aren't charging for: from photography, to baking, to blogging, to knitting. You can begin selling your items and/or services. It may start with a few extra jobs here and there and actually turn into the dream career you have been hoping for.

Then the hardest part: don't touch the fund, unless it is an emergency. This will allow you peace of mind if you need to dip into the fund that you have that money there. Then you can take the next step and setup another fund, the"pay down debt fund". Just like that you're on your way to taking control of your debt and finances.

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