$30 Per Week Savings Challenge - Save Over $1500 In One Year or Over $750 In 6 Months

This is about as simple of a savings challenge as it gets. You only have to save $30 per week. The amounts don't change, the days don't change. It is easy to remember and if you can afford it, easy to stick to.

It’s also a great thing to start with children because you can do it with just dollars, pennies or even just change every now and then.

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So, how does this $30 Savings Challenge work?

It is pretty simple. You print out the download above, save it in your phone or just set a weekly reminder in your calendar or auto draft from your bank account. Then you put $30 per week into a jar, or a savings account.

$30 per week, it is that simple.

- Week 1: $30

- Week 2: $30

- Week 3: $30

...and so on.

At the end of the year, you will save $1560!!!

If you only want to try the challenge for 6 months, you can save $780!

If your budget is super tight, try only adding $3 per week. Of course your amount saved overall will be smaller, but it is a start.

As always, the hard part is not dipping into the fund.

A quick tip: write down what you are saving for to help you stick to this plan.

Happy Saving!


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