35-Day-Holiday Savings Challenge

Kick off your holiday shopping and holiday savings plan with this easy, straight-to-the-point 35-Day Holiday Savings Challenge!

You can start this holiday savings challenge on November 1st to make sure you stay on track and stick to your budget for Christmas or Hanukkah holiday shopping.

You can easily save $630 for holiday shopping budget in only 35 days!

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35 Day Money Challenge

The 35-Day Holiday Money Savings Challenge starts with you saving $35 on Day 1, $34 on Day 2, $33 on Day 3 and, finally, $1 on the 35th or last day of the challenge. If you stick to this challenge, you will have almost $630 in just a little over a month. There is your easy shopping budget!

To make sure you stick to it, simply setup automatic bank transfers from one account into another account. You simply setup daily transfers for each day based on the day and corresponding amount.

You setup dollar amounts ranging from $35 down to only $1 for each day for 35 days, and at the end of the challenge you will have $630 in your savings account!

To have a successful savings challenge don't touch or spend it. Then at the end of the challenge go on and complete your holiday shopping and feel good about your budget!

Happy Saving!

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