5 Money Tips You Should Try For Fall

1. Revisit Your Monthly Budget

Have you made your budget yet? If so, how along ago did you create your budget? Does it still fit with your current lifestyle? Creating or updating your budget now can set you up for financial success just in time for the holidays and even in to the new year. Creating a budget doesn't need to feel constrained or difficult. You can set your initial budget by including your income and expenses, look at the numbers, then see where you can make any adjustments.

2. Check Out Open Enrollment Season

Make sure you sign up for the right insurance plan during open enrollment season. Many insurances schedule their open enrollment during the fall months since your new coverage will start in January of the upcoming year. Get in touch with your HR department if they haven't reached out to you yet so you can maximize your benefits. If you have private insurance you pay out-of-pocket for, many insurance providers will show what rates you can get, even if you aren't able to switch you plan until open enrollment.

3. Set A Savings Goal

Whether you want to start an emergency fund, buy a home or have some other goal, there's no better time to start than now. Here is an easy one: just sit down and right down your realistic savings goal.

4. Start A Savings Challenge

Check out Be Secure Financially's 30 Day Money Savings Challenge or the more long-term 52-Week Savings Challenge. Either challenge allows you to put away small dollar amounts of a certain period of time to save $465 in month or $1378 in one year!

5. Start You Holiday Savings Account

Have you planned for this year's holiday shopping season yet? The average American plans on spending over $700 on Christmas or the holiday season. If you don't have money set aside for holiday shopping this season, fall is a great time to start. Even setting aside $50 a week for the next 15 weeks will help you save about $750 for a holiday shopping budget.


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