5 Month Money Challenge - Save $1150!

Here is another challenge to save you over $1100!!! This time you don't have to wait a whole year though, you can save in only 5 months.

Of course, savings challenges always depend on your budget, so if this challenge is too much to put away every two weeks, you can always cut the amount in half, or even try one on Be Secure Financially's other Savings Challenges.

5 Month Money Challenge - Save $1150!

This savings challenge is only a two amount challenge that alternates each week. You deposit into your account, transfer between accounts, or put this money into a jar for the challenge.

Even though the image above starts in January, you can easily start any month. You deposit $100 or $150 two times per month. For this money, we'll start with March.

March: $100

March: $150 April: $100

April: $150

May: $100

May: $150

June: $100

June: $150

July: $100

July: $150

You'll save $1150!

Savings always provide a sense or peace and security.

Happy Saving!


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