$5000 in 52 Weeks Savings Challenge

If you have been looking for a larger savings challenge that you can auto transfer to weekly, this $5000 in 52 weeks savings challenge is for you!

You deposit between $10 and $200 depending on the week. If you stick with it and don't touch it, in 52 weeks, or one year you will save $5000!

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The $5000 in 52 Weeks Savings Challenge looks like this:

Week 1: $10

Week 2: $20

Week 3: $30

Week 4: $40

Week 5: $40

Week 6: $50

Week 7: $50

Week 8: $70

Week 9: $70

Week 10: $60

Week 9: $70

Week 10: $80

...and so on as the chart above says.

The amounts go up, then down, then adjust throughout the weeks.

So a great tip is if your money is tighter one week, and you have more another week, adjust the amount, switch it with another week and cross the amount off of the list!

Help yourself get onto a fantastic path to financial freedom. Happy Saving!


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