7-Day Money/Savings Challenge

Daily Challenges

Day 1: Create a budget for the week, or better for the month if you can.

Day 2: Plan that you will cook all of your meals for the week. If you typically go out to lunch or dinner, try to stick to only eating at home this week.

Day 3: Look into the best savings accounts. This could be one with your current bank or an online option.

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Day 4: Call your cell phone provider and make sure that you are on the best/right plan for your finances. Ask if they are running any current promotions, or are able to offer you a discount for being a loyal long-term customer.

Day 5: Read or re-read one chapter from one of your favorite financial empowerment books. Or browse through the Be Secure Financially blog here to get info on budgeting, taxes, managing debt, credit cards and travel.

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Day 6: Open up or fund a savings or an investment account that you looked up earlier in the weeki.e. SavingRoth IRA, stock trading account (share builder, mutual fund, etc.)

Day 7: Donate 10 percent of your paycheck to yourself into your new savings account or take out the money at the ATM and put it into a new savings jar.