Be Secure Financially Personal Financial Coaching Packages: Financial Freedom 4 Week "Bootcamp" Plan

So you already have your budget, you know how much you make and what you spend, but you need real guidance on how to actually take control of your finances. This Be Secure Financially "Financial Freedom 4-Week Bootcamp" is the next step for you! Izzy Husarsky, a CPA with a Masters in Tax, will develop your unique program based on your specific budget, goals and requirements. Based on your situation Izzy will realistically manage your "financial freedom" by hitting four key targets in four weeks to help you own your life by owning your finances!


COST $500

This package consist of 4 sessions in one month and is ideal for individuals who want to experience a more intense financial session. Each week for one month, Izzy will discuss one particular financial area/topic of interest that the client selects and changes each week based on the options below:

- Developing Personal Financial Goals

- Creating Your Budget and Sticking To It

- Savings Education/Savings Challenge

- Long-Term Financial Freedom Goals

- Getting Out Of Debt, Taxes, or Loans, Credit Cards, Travel Rewards/Points

Who Should Choose This Basic Budget Creation Option?

This is the ideal package for those that are truly looking for a more in-depth and guided "bootcamp" and expert opinion on their pathway to financial freedom. Each person, couple or family's circumstances are unique and different. So, Izzy will work with you to develop and discuss one topic per week for four weeks based on your requirements, budget and situation.

How Does It Work?

Izzy starts with the initial email, questionnaire and basic phone call to receive the necessary information for your unique situation. During these steps you will choose which topics you would like to cover. These typically include developing your financial goals, budgeting, starting and sticking to a savings challenge, credit cards, etc. Then Izzy will setup a phone call or video chat with you once per week for four weeks, and you will experience more detailed information on your topic and how they relate to your financial situation and financial freedom goals. Then based on your circumstances and goals you can continue on with a monthly plan for continued financial freedom coaching sessions.