Bingo Savings Challenge - Fun & Easy Way For You To Save Money!

This is a very easy money challenge to do. You can do it over a monthly period, or daily if your situation allows it. You simply add each corresponding amount in the Bingo chart to a jar, or setup automatic payments daily or monthly. Cross off the amount after it has been added to your jar or account and after depositing all of the amounts, you have saved $300!

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So, how does the Bingo Savings Challenge work?

You can print out the bingo card and each day or throughout the year choose an amount based on your financial situation and deposit that amount into your separate savings account or jar.












$12...and so on.

All of these amounts added up are $300! It is that simple.

This is a great more relaxed savings plan that you can do adjust with your financial situation.

Happy Saving!


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