Bingo Savings Challenge - Get A Head Start On Your Holiday Budget For Next Year!

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

At Be Secure Financially, we believe a savings challenge should be fun! What is more fun than a game? Well, the answer is: a game that saves you real life money!

This one is the Bingo Savings Challenge, or in this case, we'll call it the "Bingo Savings Challenge - Get A Head Start On Your 2019 Holiday Budget!"

This is a fun way to save money without feeling like you’re stretching yourself too thin. It is also easy to do and you can adjust and put in the amount based on your own unique experience and budget. Unlike other savings challenges where you put a specific amount away each day or week, with this one you put in the amount as you go throughout the year.

It’s also a great thing to start with children because you can do it with just dollars, pennies or even just change every now and then.

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Bingo Money Savings/Next Year's Holiday Savings Challenge

So, how does this Bingo Savings Challenge work?

It is pretty simple. You print out the download above, and tape it to a mason jar, or other clear jar. Then as you put money into the jar, you simply mark off a square or two with a colored (different colors or the same color) sharpie, sticker, or just a simple "X".

This is where you decide how much you put in:

- Just got paid today? Put in $52.

- Bills are making things tight at the end of this month? Only put in $1.

- Received a bonus? Add in that $100.

You can also add money as you please, based on your ability and budget. If it easier to add money each week, do that. Better to add money a couple days a week, then nothing for a few weeks, okay, try that.

You can easily keep track of the amounts by marking off the corresponding amount.

If your budget is super tight, try only adding change.

Of course, the trickiest part is not dipping into the fund; but hey, that is what it is there for. It is your savings after all. Best case scenario is you won't dip into at all for the whole year. If you have to get money out. Don't beat yourself up. Just start over, or hide one jar and add to that one as you go.

We also recommend either writing on the jar or printout what you are saving for. This part is up to you: Holiday Budget, Emergency Fund, Vacation Fund, New Purse, no judgements, it is your savings after all, spend or save it as you like.

Happy Saving!