Christmas On A Budget - Tips and Tricks To Help You Save and Celebrate

1. Set Your Budget For Christmas Gifts

Based on your current budget, create a realistic Christmas budget. Be realistic about the gifts you can afford and set a budget for each recipient (you can adjust this list/budget as you buy gifts). Whatever amount you decide to spend, just try to make sure you stick to it.

2. Create A Line For Each Person On Your List And Some Ideas For Each Recipient

3. Write Down How Much To Spend On Each Person (include everyone, and we mean everyone). It may be $50 on one person, maybe $20 for another, maybe less than $10 for a smaller gift.

4. Keep Track Of How Much You Spend Or Have Left To Spend On Each Person

5. Adjust Your Christmas Budget As You Go

If you budgeted $50 on gifts for your sibling but found some great sales and got everything you need for only $30, then take that extra $20 you saved and put it to something else. You can buy your sibling another gift, or add that amount to another budget category where you know you might need a little more wiggle room—like your child's Christmas gifts because they have been extra nice this year! That’s what's great about a Christmas budget; it can change and adjust as you go.-

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Set Up Categories For Holiday Spending.

These can include the following categories:

- Gifts: realistically the majority of your Christmas budget will go to gifts

- Decorating: include your Christmas tree, any new ornaments for this year, garland, and lights...geez, the lights cost can catch you off guard unexpectedly

- Parties: whether these are parties you give or attend, include them in your budget. Include the cost of food, alcohol, and decorations. If you are attending parties, don't forget to include your host or hostess gift such as wine, home decor, candles, etc..

Find Savings, It Just Takes Some Planning!

Love buying presents, but don't want to skimp on quality, or you just plain love a deal? Here are some great shopping and saving ideas!

Look For Promo Codes and Use Ebates!

The easiest way to do this is through Ebates, a browser extension that gives you cash-back for most of your purchases, to stores such as Target, Walmart, Ugg, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and so many more!

Sign Up For A Store’s Email List

This is probably the best way to save, because it is direct. However, it can get tricky if you spend easily...because it can be tempting! Oh, that candle is only $8.75, well I need five! That $400 dress is only $200, I'll buy two! You know that feeling...retailers send you incredible deals, and their good marketing just makes you want the item, even if you don't really want it! You will usually get an extra 10-20 percent off if you’re a new subscriber, which can be great. Just make sure you sign up for stores you actually want to shop from, so you don't easily get tricked into buying more than you need. You can even create a new email address to get multiple discounts, so your regular email address isn't flooded with offers.

Save On Wrapping

Wrapping paper, bows, ribbon and especially gift cards can add up quickly. The best option is to shop at the Dollar Store where you can get a ton of wrapping paper and gift bags for only a few dollars.


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