Financial Freedom Series - Part 1: 5 Simple Ways To Get On The Path To Financial Freedom

You’re rich already. Let that sink in.

Take a moment to reflect on just how wealthy you are already.

Check out There, you can enter your annual net income or net worth and compare your wealth with the rest of the world's population.

If you make $20,000 in net income every year. Guess what? You’re in the top 3.65% richest people in the world by income. Imagine if you make more, you are super rich!

Keep the proper perspective. Don’t complain because you don't have financial freedom yet. Dream, plan, give yourself room and money to live and and stick to the financial freedom plan.

Work smarter and harder than your competition.

Identify your competition. How hard do they work? What can you bring to your workplace or business? What are you not doing that you could be doing?

Start by working smarter. If your work isn’t effective at producing more income – you’ll get burnt out.

Work harder than others are willing.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

We all make mistakes and mistakes are difficult to swallow. We often shift blame – to others or to circumstances. A better way of dealing with mistakes is facing them, taking responsibility and moving on. This can be a lot easier said than done, especially if the mistake was a big one. What if you tried looking at your mistake with a positive outcome? Maybe you learned something, even if it was a hard mistake to deal with or that had a big consequence, you may have learned to never make that mistake again.

Many people often beat themselves up when they make a mistake. Instead, if you can look at whatever the mistake is take responsibility and not make that mistake again, you may deal better with mistakes. You also might be able to move on and make better decisions.


If you don’t budget, you'll overspend.

A hugely important part of budgeting is ensuring you’re spending less than you’re making. And the only way to do that is to track what you spend.

If you’re not a spreadsheets-kind-of-person, that’s okay. Just make sure you have some help, or just write down the information on a piece of paper, your phone, or use an app.

Believe Encouraging People and Don’t believe discouraging people.

What if you believed, really believed, that you could have total financial freedom? Imagine that.