Financial Freedom Series - Part 3: Budget-Friendly DIY Fourth Of July Ideas

Here are some great budget-friendly DIY Fourth of July options for you!

Dessert: Fun Red, White And Blue Popsicles

These popsicles are super easy to make! Once the popsicles are frozen, pop them out of their molds and roll them around in red, white and blue sprinkles right before serving.

Click here for the recipe:


Are you looking for inexpensive 4th of July decor ideas? Then head to the Dollar Store, but before you get there make a budget! This is key, otherwise all of those little dollars add up quickly, that is when the Dollar Store can be tricky. So, the key to this is making and sticking to a budget. A great option for some 4th of July decor are balloons. The Dollar Store has great Mylar balloons that change for each holiday. Whether you give them as a gift to a child or an adult, or add it to your BBQ or interior decor, you will be reminded just how happy balloons can make everyone. Bonus perk, they last! We've purchased Dollar Store balloons that have actually stayed up and floating for weeks!

Small American Flags

You can use these great little American flags to line your driveway, on your grass, or even on a tables cape. They roll up easily for storage and can be reused. Seeing small American flags throughout towns on the 4th of July is a great reminder that we are all Americans.

Free Printables, DIYs and more!

Check out for some great free 4th of July printables. They also link out to other bloggers 4th of July printable. These include banners, cards, treat boxes, crowns, cupcake toppers, drink labels and more!


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