Financial Freedom Series - Part Five- Fourth of July - Celebrate the Fourth of July On A Budget!

Set a Fireworks Budget, Skip Fireworks and Bang Pots and Pans, Or Just Use Sparklers

Fireworks can get super pricey. Fourth of July and New Year's Eve are the two days year we regularly not only spend our hard earned money, we literally watch it go up in smoke!

With the Buy 1, Get 5 Free deals or Buy 1 Huge Box, Get Another Huge Box Free, we convince ourselves that we are saving so much on the holiday's most explosive and expensive tradition.

Here is a tip: bring cash only. (We know, cash only? In 2018? Who carries cash? :) Then stick to only that cash budget. Or tell yourself before you go that you will only spend this dollar amount on a credit card and don't go over it. If your city or town offers a professional display, skip buying fireworks and enjoy the show.

Pots and Pans

Many kids are just excited to be celebrating, we should take a cue from them and enjoy the moment! Don't want to spend the money on fireworks? Then just do the old-fashioned thing. While all of your neighbors and people across the town are setting off fireworks, many of which you can see, take out some pots and pans and have the kids go out side and bang them together. If you never did this as child, you're missing out. Seriously, try it :)


Want to have some fun with fireworks but not break your budget or financial freedom plan? Then just buy sparklers. They may not be as good as the ones we grew up with (dangerous metal sticks and all, hey we lived). But they are still fun. These sparkling sticks appeal to both children and adults and you can typically find inexpensive bundles at just about any fireworks stand. Don't worry, there is one on every corner.

Set a Food Budget or Tell Your Guests to BYOA (Bring Your Own Anything!)

Who says you have to stick with just BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)? When you can tell your guests to BYOA (Bring Your Own Anything)! You can tell your guests about your financial freedom plans, and even that you're on a budget, but don't want to miss out on the celebrations. If they are really your friends, they'll understand.

Tell them you want to make everyone comfortable. If someone has a peanut-allergy encourage them to bring something peanut-free so they can enjoy the food too with no worries. You can make the main dish and ask guests to bring their favorite sides, desserts, alcohol, drinks and more. Pinterest is an awesome place to search for Fourth of July recipes that are 4th of July festive, budget-friendly, easy and delicious!

Make S'mores

All you need is Hershey’s chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers. They are all affordable and can be found at your local Target or grocery store.

Grilled Chocolate Banana (BBQ Banana S'mores)

If you have never had Grilled Chocolate Banana (BBQ Banana S'mores) you are missing out. Trust us, if there is one thing you should make this 4th of July it is the Grilled Chocolate Banana (BBQ Banana S'mores). It is just a banana version of s'mores.

All you need is a banana sliced in half, whole or pieces placed in foil, then you add mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and crushed graham crackers. Close the foil and grill it on the BBQ. Delicious.

Grilled Chocolate Banana (BBQ Banana S'mores) Video

You can also add Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ or Rice Chex™ cereal to it or other toppings of your choice.

From strawberries to blueberries, to vanilla ice cream, to watermelon, to ice cream sandwiches topped with patriotic sprinkles, the 4th of July options are endless. Cut back on your decoration budget by using your patriotic food as decor!

4th of July Party Ideas on a Budget

There aren't any holidays that are quite like the 4th of July. Family and friends celebrate freedom and soak up the sun, go to parades down the main street of towns everywhere with a colorful blur of red, white and blue. Throw a good, old-fashioned Independence Day party as a great way to spend this holiday! There are many ways to make sure your party stands out on the block, but stays on a budget. 

July 4th Decorations

Flags, red, white and blue patterns and fireworks decor, plates, cups and more are in abundance at this time of yer. However, buying all of those plates, cups and napkins can really add up. You can choose simple options like taking your everyday white dinnerware and adding in festive 4th of July paper or cloth napkins or even mini American flags.

Red, white or blue plastic tablecloths are also a good option and available at the Dollar Store.

You can also purchase the most beautiful 4th of July decor: bunting. This is just the most All-American decoration displayed on homes, fences and beach balconies throughout the US on the 4th of July.

Bunting $14.87

Patriotic Balloons $5.99

Red, White and Blue

You don’t have to do red, white and blue everything. Adding just a few patriotic colors into your everyday decor is a great budget-friendly option. Napkins or a few decorations are a great choice or of course, just use a few American flags. You can also do just a pretty centerpiece using flowers from Trader Joe's, ProFlowers or your local grocery store. Use flowers such as red and white roses, blue Iris, or blue and white hydrangeas. Place them in a vase, and add a few flags. Or place the flags on the table, or directly into the ground or up your driveway or backyard. 4th of July made simple.

More Expensive 4th of July Party Ideas

If you're one of those people who goes all out for the 4th of July, this one's for you. If money is no object - try one of these patriotic or fun party ideas that will make your guests excited to celebrate.

Slip and Slide $24.10

Water Park $579.99

Pool floaties

The perfect pool party option are the wide array of pool floats available on Amazon.

Bald Eagle $45.00

American Flag Pool Float $24.99

Inflatable 6-person Island Lounge $134.99

No matter your budget, you can have a festive and fun 4th of July celebration as you stay on this journey to financial freedom!

Happy 4th of July!


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