Financial Freedom Series - Part Four - Travel Well - Use Credit Card Points - Or Budget Travel Ideas

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

The ultimate freedom: living the life you want by doing something you love, traveling!

What if you could travel for free? Well, if you have excellent credit, and are responsible with credit cards there are so many ways to utilize credit card points for free travel. This includes first or business class airplane tickets, free hotels, free rental cars and more!

If you are just looking for budget travel, you have that option too. After all, there are so many websites that make it easy to find incredible travel deals that are in beautiful locations at incredible prices.

Perhaps you are already on the pathway to financial freedom, or have even achieved it, and want ideas of where you could travel to. You can even be just starting out but the thought of looking through luxury accommodations is your inspiration for sticking to your budget and goals.

Travel For Free Using Credit Cards Rewards and Points

Many credit cards come with a lot of great perks. If you choose the right credit card and use it the right way, you can earn rewards that you can use for free travel. Even if you can’t travel for completely free, you can use your travel rewards to travel at a significant discount. These also apply to hotel nights, flights, SUVs and more!

You do typically need to have excellent credit to qualify for the best travel rewards credit cards and pay off the balance so you don't accuse interest. If you don’t have excellent credit right now, that's okay. Now is the time to work on improving your credit by taking care of any past due balances, make sure you make your minimum payments and build a positive payment history.

There are generally two types of travel rewards credit cards: general purpose credit cards that pay higher rewards on all travel purchases and brand-specific credit cards that pay higher rewards on purchases with a specific airline or hotel. If you’re loyal to a certain airline or hotel, choose a branded credit card. On the other hand, if you find yourself making travel purchases across brands, a generic card will be better.

You don’t have to stick to just one credit card. Having more than one travel rewards credit card in your wallet gives you the opportunity to earn more rewards. You may have one credit card that pays higher rewards on gas purchases and another card that pays higher rewards on travel purchases.

Find Last Minute 4th of July Travel Deals

Use websites like,, and for amazing travel options in beautiful places at great prices.

Here are some great travel deals!

Hacienda Del Sol in Tucson opened in 1929. Today, it is a luxury resort and guest ranch with remnants of history still present throughout the property. Save 50% on a summer stay at the No. 2 hotel on TripAdvisor in Tucson.

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There are so many incredible options to choose from for inexpensive travel, whether through credit card points, or budget travel websites. No matter where you are on your path to financial freedom, you have options!

Check back on Be Secure Financially next week for my first hand experience staying at $500 - $1500 per night hotel rooms for free, and how you can too!


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