Hanukkah On A Budget - Happy Hanukkah!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Hanukkah is a wonderful time to celebrate your traditions with 8 days filled with food, religious traditions, family and of course gifts. 8 days of gifts can seem daunting. So here are some tips to help you have a Happy Hanukkah and a happy bank account.

1. The Gifts

8 gifts – one for each day of Hanukkah...or as you might be thinking the quickest way to break the Hanukkah holiday bank, 8 gifts per recipient, can add up quickly. 8 gifts are not necessary – one great gift will certainly do and of course be appreciated.

2. The Games

Rather than buying out your local synagogue gift shop before the family Hanukkah party or rather parties, a great option is to make your own games.

You can make a family Bingo game by designing a set of Bingo cards with pictures of all of your family members and their children. The Bingo balls can be small pieces of paper with names written on them. The Bingo chips can be chocolate Hanukkah gelt.

If you’re hosting a party or just spending Hanukkah with your kids, Hanukkah activities and games can be cheap and really easy to create. You can make a Pictionary game involving only Jewish themed words, create a board game, play the famous dreidel game or make various Hanukkah themed art.

3. Give A Personalized Gift

Looking for something a lot more sentimental than just your basic Hanukkah gift? Make a memory or shadow box for someone you love and share good times. You can check out this Real Simple has information for crafting this box. If you haven’t collected things over time, you can find things on the internet. Print out pictures you have taken with this person from your phone and then find your "memories" on the internet. Google the movie you saw together, download an image of the promotional poster. Went to dinner with this person? Visit the restaurant's website and print out a small menu, then include a personal note that they can keep in this shadow box.

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4. Do A "Hanukkah Harry" or "Mystery Maccabee" Gift Exchange

If you love shopping over making a gift, but still want to save money, you can implement a "Secret-Santa" style gift exchange. For Hanukkah, let’s call it "Mystery Maccabee" or "Hanukkah Harry" or another Hanukkah appropriate gift exchange name/title. Each person can pick a sibling’s or parent’s name from a hat and then invest in that one gift for that one person. This also works well in offices or larger Hanukkah parties.

5. Get Creative

Hanukkah is a great time to get creative in your decorations, food and gifts. If you know someone loves to cook, compile some of your favorite Holiday recipes or desserts and put together a "cookbook". You can start with some of these fantastic Hanukkah Desserts here. No matter how you choose to celebrate Hanukkah On A Budget, have a great time with your family and loved ones and have fun!

Happy Hanukkah!


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