Holiday Gift Idea: California Wine Club

Do you love wine? Or do you have one or even multiple family members or friends that just love wine? Then we have a great holiday gift option for you: The California Wine Club.

In 1990 The California Wine Club discovered that small family wineries were the most passionate in the wine world and their wines the hidden gems of wine country.

These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area. Since 1990 it has been their wine club's mission to help these artisan wineries introduce their wines to the world.

Today, they proudly offer five different wine of the month club levels.  Whether for yourself (just pay as you go) or as a gift (just pay for the number of months you want to send) their wine club is unmatched for quality wine and impeccable service.

Wine Club Benefits:

- Learn More with Uncorked®, their guide to the wines including the personal stories from the wineries we visit plus tasting notes, pairing tips, and an armchair tour of wine country.

- Personal Wine Consultants who get to know your wine preferences and needs.

- $1 Shipping Favorites can be reordered at a savings of up to 50% off winery prices plus wine club members also save up to $38 on shipping with $1 ground shipping on reorders.

- VIP Tours at the wineries they feature, plus a travel guide full of restaurants, hotels and recommended stops in California's wine country.

- My Wine Cellar is a personalized online wine experience created to help members manage and track their favorite wines.

- Wine Storage in their wine club's temperature-controlled warehouse when you go on vacation. Customize your wine club deliveries to receive:

- half red wines and half white wines

- all red wine

- all white wines

- 2 bottles per delivery

- 4 bottles per delivery

- Monthly, every-other-month or quarterly wine club deliveries

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Premier Series Wine Club

Their original wine club level features artisan family wineries handcrafting award-winning California wines in such small batches that they simply can't compete for shelf space in stores. Every Premier Series wine club delivery features two artisan wines shared proudly by the winemaker. Each delivery brings a new winery and a new wine adventure. Journey not only to Napa and Sonoma, but places like Monterey, Mendocino and Santa Barbara, making this a unique wine tasting adventure and an up-close look at California's wine scene.

Deliveries Start At $40.45

Signature Series Wine Club

Their years of exploring California's wine trail have given them the wonderful advantage of access. The artisan winemakers they meet often invite them behind the cellar doors to share their hidden gems. These are wine treasures held in reserve, covered in gold medals and 90+ point ratings, limited in production and coveted by wine enthusiasts everywhere. It is an extraordinary wine experience. Every Signature Series delivery includes two bottles of limited-production and highly rated California wine. Wine club selections are predominantly red with an occasional white.

Deliveries Start At $134

International Series Wine Club

Handcrafted Malbec from Argentina, Bordeaux from France, Riesling from Germany and more. Each delivery brings a different country and a new small family winery, many with histories dating back hundreds of years. They import these wines and offer a unique tasting adventure. Every International Series wine club delivery includes two handcrafted wines from one of the world's finest boutique wineries.

Deliveries Start At $71

Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club

Aged Cabernet is the ultimate reward in fine viticulture, deft winemaking and years of patience. Time in the cellar transforms a finely made, boisterous young Cabernet into a magical mix of rich texture, multi-layered flavors and complex nuances of oak and tannin. Every Aged Cabernet Series  wine club delivery includes two exquisite bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, aged 8 - 12 years, from some of Napa Valley's most prestigious producers.

Deliveries Start At $231

Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club

Critics and consumers are falling in love with Pacific Northwest wines. Each wine club delivery brings a new small, artisan winery discovery and their best handcrafted wines. This is a delicious tasting adventure for an adventurous wine lover. Every Pacific Northwest Series delivery includes two handcrafted wines from Washington or Oregon.

Deliveries Start At $77


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