Home Maintenance Checklist

With this home maintenance check list you can protect what is probably your most important asset—your home. Here are some important tasks you may not want to include based on the time of year.


  • Inspect and possibly change out HVAC filters.

  • Thoroughly scrub your kitchen sink.

  • Clean kitchen sink disposal.

  • Clean range hood filters.

  • Inspect your fire extinguisher(s).


  • Test smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.  

  • Test garage door auto-reverse feature. 

  • Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces.  

  • Check water softener, add salt if needed. 


  • Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve.  

  • Give your house a deep clean or hire someone to do this once per year.

  • Replace batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors. 

  • Vacuum your refrigerator coils.  

Spring time for "spring cleaning"

  • Check the exterior drainage.

  • Clean out gutters.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home.  

  • Get your air conditioning system ready for summer; consider having it serviced.

  • Repair/replace damaged window screens.

  • Clear plants/shrubs/flowers from the house that aren't quite blooming that great.

  • Check trees for interference with electric lines or simply overgrown.

  • Inspect roofing for damage, leaks, etc.  

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Summer (a great time to focus on the exterior of your home):

  • Check grout in bathrooms, kitchen, etc. and repair as needed.

  • Inspect plumbing for leaks, clean aerators on faucets.

  • Clean and repair deck/patio as needed.

  • Clean out window wells of debris.

  • Check and clean dryer vent, other exhaust vents to the exterior of the home.

  • Clean garage.

Fall (time to finish up any summer home maintenance tasks and get your home ready for winter):

  • Flush hot water heater and remove sediment.

  • Winterize air conditioning systems.

  • Get heating system ready for winter.

  • Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets.

  • Get chimney cleaned, if you have one.

  • Check driveway/pavement for cracks.

  • Buy winter gear.

Winter (time to take care of the interior of your home; you may want to add to this list tasks such as painting, building shelves, etc):

  • Regularly check for icicles.

  • Test your electricity to the extent that you can.

  • Tighten any handles, knobs, racks, etc.

  • Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows.

  • Check caulk around showers and bathtubs; repair as needed.

  • Remove showerheads and clean sediment.

  •  Inspect and deep clean the basement.