How I Use Plastiq For Everyday Purchases and Earn Rewards Fast!

Credit card rewards and points promotions are amazing, until you realize how much you have to spend to earn those points! Often the amount of money you have to spend will seem daunting or unrealistic just to earn points.

That is, until you realize you can sign up for Plastiq to pay just about any bill or expense with your credit card...even those you would never even think to pay with a credit card!

Things you are going to have to pay for with cash anyway such as rent, mortgages, car payments and more can be paid via Plastiq using your credit card. You make the payment via Plastiq with your preferred card, then pay off your credit card with cash to make sure you aren't acquiring debt. You then earn the rewards points on your card and it can help you reach the promotion fast. This turns into free cash, points for travel and more!

Plastiq Experience

I needed to spend $3,000 on a credit card in order to earn the AA Platinum and get 60,000 points. I didn't want to go and spend $3000 on things I didn't need just to earn the 60,000 points...that would defeat the purpose of earning credit card rewards!

I wanted to get the points fast so I looked for bills I could pay via credit card through Plastiq to billers that did not take credit cards. I had already paid my other bills via credit card before the new promotion came up.

I paid the following bills:

- Gardener bill: $150

- Day camp bill for child: $2000

- A car lease bill: $300

- A tutoring bill: $1000

- A life insurance bill: $50

All bills were paid with Plastiq using my preferred credit card!

I spent over the $3000 on the credit card on regular expenses and earned the 60,000 credit card points! Win-Win!

I try to do this with my credit cards so that I am responsibly paying expenses and bills while also earning desired credit card points!

See the introductory article to Plastiq here


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