How To Check Your Refund Status

You've completed your taxes and you are happy to see you got a refund. Awesome! Now, when will you receive your refund? We know it can be a happy surprise knowing you are getting money back, but knowing when you'll actually receive your refund is even bette.r The IRS now has a "Where's My Refund" feature. Learn more about it and where you can track your refund below.

Checking Your IRS Tax Refund Status

If you are due a refund, the question you probably will have is where is that refund?

Checking on your income tax return’s status is actually pretty simple to do.

The IRS has created a hub called “Where’s my refund?” that directs you to a tool to check on your refund status.

To Check your Refund Status, you will Need:

Your Social Security numberYour filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.)The refund amount that you determined

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What Will the Refund Status Site Tell Me?

When you enter the above information correctly, you’ll be able to find out:

  • If your return was received

  • If your return was processed

  • When your refund is estimated to be mailed or deposited into your bank account (if you selected the direct deposit option)

  • The IRS recommends that you check at least 72 hours after you e-file or four weeks if you file a paper tax return.