Memorial Day - Financial Freedom Series - Part 2 - Savings Challenge - Save $550

Here is a great and easy to understand Financial Freedom Savings Plan. A great time to start is Memorial Day!

Simply deposit amounts of $10 to 100 as you can. You can setup automatic savings or take the money out in cash and place it in a jar. For some people this might be easier to do budget wise on a monthly basis, every few weeks or more often if you can. For others, their budget might allow for weekly withdrawals adding up to 10 weeks. Don't dip into it and you will earn $550, a great start to a quick emergency fund!

For example:

Amount 1: $10

Amount 2: $20

Amount 3: $30

Amount 4: $40

Amount 5: $50

Amount 6: $60

Amount 7: $70

Amount 8: $80

Amount 9: $90

Amount 10: $100

Save $550 With This Savings Challenge!

Happy Saving!

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