Memorial Day Series- 5 Great Travel Options

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A classic getaway destination for Memorial Day travelers, Cape Cod offers scenic lighthouses, miles of beautiful beaches, and a breath of fresh air. Cape Cod is always beautiful. Along the National Seashore, you’ll find many sandy beaches, lighthouses, hiking trails, and ponds for a variety of activities.

Even if you don’t get into the water, there’s still plenty to do in Cape Cod. Attractions that offer interesting experiences and good views include:

There are plenty of towns along Cape Cod, making it easy to find inexpensive places to eat and shop. Plus, it’s fun to wander around and feel like you’re entering the past.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas is one of the busiest times of the year, along with New Year's Eve. Parties held around the resorts' elaborate pools are the big event, and become daylight nightclubs with DJs, drink carts, bottle service, cabanas, and more. To get in on the action, grab a chaise at the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace (guests always get in free, while admission is $25 if you're not staying at the hotel) Take a spin on The High Roller at Caesars Palace, a giant Ferris wheel similar to The London Eye, sure to give you the best views in Vegas (daytime tickets from $23 per person; nighttime tickets from $36.95 per person).

Catalina Island, California

If you want to go snorkeling without flying all the way to the Caribbean or another tropical locale, Catalina Island is a great choice where you can do just that! By taking the hour trip via passenger boat service from Long Beach near Los Angeles, you can enjoy clear, clear waters filled with an array of marine life. In fact, Lover’s Cove, is known for having one of the heaviest concentrations of fish found anywhere off the west coast! Sea stars, eels, anemones, octopi, and Garibaldi fish are just a few of the creatures you’re likely to see. Dolphins and sea lions are also a common. The island’s many other activity options include glass bottom boat tours, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, golf and even gambling.

San Juan Island, Washington

San Juan Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, is easily accessible via a scenic ferry ride from Anacortes or a short flight from Seattle. This time of year is still considered the quiet season, with the busier season not officially kicking off until June 15th, which means you’ll have the chance to enjoy a much more tranquil getaway along with lower hotel rates. You’ll also have a good chance of seeing seals, sea lions, otters, porpoise, bald eagles and more.

Friday Harbor’s annual Memorial Day Parade and ceremony, beginning at 10 a.m. on the holiday, is an authentic small town parade that’s also well-worth attending.

Key West, Florida

Get a sweet taste of summer by packing up the car and driving it all the way down to mile 0 for Memorial Day Weekend! Boating, fishing, surfing, and tanning in the Florida sun is probably a recurring dream you’ve been having all winter anyway.

Key West is one of the most popular destinations for Memorial Day each year. It gets pricey to stay on the island, but you can find more reasonable rates on the surrounding Keys, and head over to Key West during the day.


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