New Financial Freedom Coaching Packages from Be Secure Financially: Basic Budget Creation

Do you know you need a budget, but really have no idea how to actually create one? Sure, you understand the basics of a budget: knowing your incomes v. expenses. But perhaps you are overwhelmed by the actual creation, spreadsheets, numbers, or something else is holding you back from creating your budget. This Basic Budget Creation by CPA Izzy Husarsky of Be Secure Financially is the perfect option to your budgeting needs. All you do is purchase the package online via the Be Secure Financially website, fill out an online form and Izzy does the rest for you. You will take your accurate income v. expenses information such as salary, rent, car payments, insurance and miscellaneous items and create your budget for you!


COST $100

This package consists of the client filling out a quick website questionnaire, along with a 1 hour phone call and/or email responses, to discuss your basic income and expenses. Izzy will then create a basic budget for you and provide a few areas of recommendations where you can save.

- Provide Initial Information Via Website Questionnaire, Email or 1 (One) Hour Phone Call

- Provide Income Information: Biweekly or Monthly Paycheck Amount

- Provide Expense Information: Rent/Mortgage, Auto, Insurances, Food, Entertainment, Etc.

- Izzy Creates Your Basic Budget and Basic Recommendations If Applicable

Who Should Choose This Basic Budget Creation Option?

If you know you need a budget, but simply don't know where to begin, or how to put together a basic budget, this is a great package for you. It is affordable and you will have a licensed CPA create your basic budget for you.

How Does It Work?

It's pretty simple, you purchase the package online, get an introductory email from Izzy with a link to an online form that you fill out. This form asks for basic budget details and includes your monthly income and expenses. Izzy then takes your income and expense information and creates your basic budget for you. He sends you a spreadsheet that you can update monthly if needed as your circumstances grow and change. Best of all, Izzy can provide basic recommendations of where you can cut expenses or be on a path to financial freedom based on your unique situation! Take that first step to financial freedom and have Izzy create your Basic Budget for you.


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