New Financial Freedom Coaching Packages from Be Secure Financially: Custom Request A Quote Option

Izzy Husarsky and Be Secure Financially now offers various personal financial coaching packages to help you take control of your finances and be on a realistic path to financial freedom! Check out his 30 Minute Quick Fix, Basic Budget Creation and Be Secure Financially 4-Week "Bootcamp" options. If you have already purchased those packages or are looking for something more specific read more about his custom coaching package option below.



This package is designed for advanced financial circumstances and clients and is completely customizable.

For this package, Izzy will create a custom package including cost, sessions and plan based upon the requirements of the client. The sessions will be customized, and include detailed plans based upon the clients' needs including budgets, debt, taxes, savings, credit cards, rewards/points and more.

Who Should Choose This Basic Budget Creation Option?

The custom option is designed for individuals, couples, families and business that are in need of a more detailed financial freedom option.

How Does It Work?

Izzy starts with the initial email, questionnaire and basic phone call to receive the necessary information for your unique situation. During these steps you will discuss your unique situation and detailed needs. These can include topics such as detailed tax returns, setting up a new business: loans, taxes, etc., saving up to buy a home and more.

Then based on your requirements Izzy will develop your custom quote and cost. You can then complete the purchase online via the Be Secure Financially website.

Izzy will then setup a phone call or video chat schedule, amount of sessions, timeline, etc. Based on your custom requirements you will experience one-on-one expert guidance or tax preparation. Based on your circumstances and goals you can continue on with a daily, weekly or monthly plan for continued financial freedom coaching sessions.



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