Pay Down Debt or Invest For Retirement - The Right Way

Updated: May 13, 2018

You may be wondering about the right way to go about paying off debt, investing for retirement, or both. Well, I'm here to help you determine the right plan and guidelines for the best return on investment and the best results for your financial goals. Here is a simplified plan on the best way to pay down debt, set up an emergency fund, and plan for retirement.

If your employer matches 50% up to the 401K maximum, you should take advantage of this return. The correct way to look at an employer match is as a guaranteed return on your investment. A 50% match equals a 50% return on investment, which is outstanding.

Basic order:

  • Contribute to match

  • Set up an Emergency 3-6 month Expense Fund

  • Pay down Interest bearing debt such as Credit Card – Not Mortgage

  • Try to then contribute as much as possible to 401k – not only to save for retirement but also because of tax benefits

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