Pre-Trip Travel Checklist

You've planned your trip, you've packed, but there are always things you are rushing around to do before you take a trip.

At Be Secure Financially to calm your mind, help you not bust your bank by forgetting something and overspending, here are some tips to help you with your Pre-Travel Checklist.

A great tip is to make a reminders list with clickable checklist on your phone so you don't forget even the smallest things on your trip.

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Pre-Trip Checklist for Home and Pets

  • Turn off AC/fans

  • Take out the trash

  • Wash your sheets and make your bed, so you don't have to when you get back

  • Clean the house, mop floors, again, so you don't have to think about it or clean when you return from your trip

  • Clean out fridge/use food or throw out food that is expired

  • Close/lock windows

  • Unplug electronics

  • Turn off lights/set timer for lights

  • Notify home-security system company

  • Arrange a house or pet sitter

  • Place stop order on mail

  • Stock up on pet food and litter

  • Obtain documentation for required pet vaccinations

Pre-Trip Checklist for Finances/Health

  • Visit your doctor or local medical if traveling to a foreign country

  • Get necessary immunizations

  • Program ICE (“in case of emergency”) number into your phone

  • Check overseas medical coverage

  • Refill prescriptions (pack extra prescriptions)

  • Make copies of passport/ID

  • Notify CC company/bank of travel destination so they know it is you making purchases

  • Pay necessary bills in advance

  • Create trip budget, don't forget fun, entertainment and shopping

  • Take out cash at ATM

  • Obtain foreign currency

  • Get small bills for tipping

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Pre-Trip Checklist for Itinerary/Flight

  • Look up baggage fees for airline

  • Add new luggage tags to your suitcase

  • Weigh your luggage with a luggage scale

  • Download travel apps/e-books

  • Set up flight alerts via text

  • Weigh packed luggage

  • Set up a travel plan for cell phone

  • Charge all electronics

  • Don't forget your charger

  • Make a reminder list of all things you need before you leave on your phone Notes

  • Remove previous airline luggage tags

  • Check in online/print boarding passes

  • Confirm rental car reservations

  • Confirm flight, train, bus reservations

  • Confirm hotel reservations

  • Cancel any outstanding hotel reservations

  • Create/print itinerary

  • Check weather for duration of stay

  • Pack

  • Notify friends/family of travel

  • Check your passport expiration date

  • Program phone numbers into cellphone

  • Keep a separate written list of numbers in case cell phone is lost

  • Arrange transportation to the airport


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