Reverse 52-Week Savings Challenge: Start Big, End Small - Save A Lot Of Money!

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Do you have extra money right now, but worry about saving larger amounts towards the end of the year for a savings challenge? This is the reverse savings challenge for you! You star with larger amounts such as $51, $50, $49, $48, etc. Then towards the final months of the year, you only put away $5, $4, $3, $2, $1, until you save over $1300 in only one year!

The 52-Week Reverse Savings Challenge!

On Be Secure Financially we want you to have options on your Financial Freedom journey! So we have multiple options for you: a 30-Day Challenge, the 52-Week Challenge, the Penny Challenge and even more to come!

This 52-Week Reverse Savings Challenge is a great way to save if you want to put more money into your account upfront and then work your way down to smaller amounts each week.

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52-Week Reverse Savings Challenge!

You simply put away $52 in the first week, $51 for the next week, $50 for the week after that, every week of the year, decreasing one dollar each week. This is also a great challenge to start at anytime of the year, including now!

Week 1 - $52
Week 2 - $51
Week 3 - $50
Week 4 - $49
Week 5 - $48
And so on..
Until Week 52 - $1

This is a great way to put away $1378 in one year!

Use a clear a jar (as mentioned before to see your savings), a piggy bank, or setup automatic bank transfers from your checking account into your savings account.

If you choose the auto transfer option, once the transfers are setup, your app/bank will transfer the money for you into the desired account.

Just like every other savings challenge, put the money into an account, or jar, and don't touch or spend it, that is the key to saving!

Happy Saving!