Save $1000 - Easy As You Go Savings Challenge Chart

Here is an easy to use money savings chart to save $1000!

This is a great savings challenge for financial freedom because you get to adjust the amount based on your situation, needs and budget. You can also do this chart over a certain number of days, weeks, months or as the money becomes available to you.

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The $1000 Savings Challenge looks like this:

Week or Day 1: $5

Week or Day 1: $10

Week or Day 1: $20

Week or Day 1: $15

Week or Day 1: $40

Week or Day 1: $50

...and so on as the chart above says.

The amounts range from $5 to $50. Depending on your budget, just add the corresponding amount into a jar or setup an auto transfer from a checking into a savings account. Then make sure you cross off the amount you deposited. Once all of the amounts have been deposited you will have saved $1000!

Help yourself easily get onto the to financial freedom. Happy Saving!


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