Save As You Go - Savings Challenge

For this savings challenge, instead of setting a specific time frame of a daily, weekly or monthly deposit amount, we'll just keep it simple. You save and earn as you go.

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Simply deposit amounts of $25 to $150 as you can. You can setup automatic savings or take the money out in cash and place it in a jar. For some people this might be easier to do budget wise on a monthly basis. For others, their budget might allow for weekly withdrawals. Some may have to do it even longer throughout the year and save as your budget allows. Don't dip into it and you will earn $1050!

For example:

Amount 1: $25

Amount 2: $50

Amount 3: $75

Amount 4: $100

Amount 5: $125

Amount 6: $150

Amount 7: $150

Amount 8: $125

Amount 9: $100

Amount 10: $75

Amount 11: $50

Amount 12: $25

Save $1050 With This Save As You Go Savings Challenge!

Happy Saving!