Savings Challenge For Couples (Or Singles That Want To Save Money Too!)

When you're in a relationship, or married, communicating about money can often be a very difficult thing. If you have never talked about finances, now is the time. Valentine's Day is the celebration of love. People say love is all you need, but realistically, you need money.

If you find you and your spouse are constantly fighting over the bank account, a money challenge may be a great answer for you. Doing one as a couple will help to keep not only your finances on track but also your relationship.

We didn't forget about you singles though either. Just because you may not be in a relationship this Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't take part in this savings challenge too!

The goal: A 12-month Money Challenge

A great way to kick-start your finances is through a 12-month money challenge. We have many options on Be Secure Financially. For this one you can pick the amount you think you could dedicate each month, but here is a good option.

January or the first month you start: $25

February: $50

March: $75

April: $100

May: $25

June: $50

July: $75

August: $100

September: $25

October: $50

November: $75

December: $100

You'll save $750!

A good start for a first couple savings plan, a single person, or even a family too!

Of course, you don’t have to actually start in January. Since it is February, just begin this savings plan now, or at the start of the month you prefer and mark it down in your calendar.

Not to mention, $50 in one month comes out to approximately $1.67 per day and $12.50 per week. By making adjustments each month in your spending, you can easily accomplish this as a couple or as a single too!