Spring Travel Savings Plan!

Spring is a time for fresh starts, beginnings, cleaning up, beautiful weather and travel!

Here is a 10-Week Travel Savings Plan that will help you save $800 for your next vacation. Whether it is in the spring or the summer, here is a great start for to your travel budget!

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This is a simple to follow 10-Week Savings Plan that will allow you to put away a specific amount of money to keep you on track to your next vacation. You start with $50 and alternate between $50, $75, $100 and the one-time $125, over the course of two and a half months. Then you will save $800 for your next trip!

For example:

Week 1: $50

Week 2: $70

Week 3: $100

Week 4: $50

Week 5: $75

Week 6: $100

Week 7: $50

Week 8: $75

Week 9: $100

Week 10: $125

Save $800 With This Travel Savings Challenge!

Happy Saving and Happy Shopping!


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