Summer Save Series: 5 Free Date Ideas

Starlight, Starbright

Stake out a secluded place for some stargazing. Enjoy an evening under the stars with your spouse. It won’t cost you a thing!

Movie On The Move

Why spend tons of cash on an expensive movie theatre ticket when you can watch a movie right from your own device? And even better – take it with you to an interesting location! For instance, watch a scary movie in the woods or a romantic comedy at the park. The options are endless!

Discover A New Town

After you have traveled your own town – go discover a new one! Pick a place and have an adventure with your spouse! You can go for just a day and then come home.

Lights Out Date

Put those electronics away and turn off the lights for a night at home. Not only is this date free, but you can save money on your electricity bill!

Plan Your Next Vacation Date

Your next vacation might not be free, but planning your next trip is! We have everything you need to make planning your next vacation a fun and free date night!