Summer Save Series: 5 Tips To Save On Summer Travel

Traveling during the summer is so fun...but it can be very pricey. rom Memorial Day through Labor Day, AAA estimates that about 35 percent of Americans will pack up on for a summer trip.

Here are some tips for saving money and traveling during the summer.

Be flexible

The best way to save money is to have flexible travel dates. If you can, leaving a day or two earlier or later, or even weeks later or before, could save you hundreds of dollars in airfare and hotels. Travel prices increase on weekends — especially holiday weekends. Consider traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday to nab the cheapest airfare of the week. Mondays through Thursdays can often score you better hotel deals too. Waiting until the end of the summer can help you with savings.

Be open-minded

Cnt to consider destinations you may not have previously considered. Try KAYAK Explore, where travelers can find cheap travel to places that weren’t even on their radar. After putting in the dates they wish to travel, travelers may even find it cheaper to travel internationally than to a local destination


Compare prices on bundled vacations to what it would cost to purchase airfare, hotel nights and rental cars separately. That way you'll definitely know which is the better deal. Always compare prices. Look on TripAdvisor, then narrow it down to the destinations or hotels you want to stay at, then go directly to the hotel's website and look up prices and packages.

Book early

Book end of summer travel as early in the season as you can, even book next years refundable option. Just don't forget to cancel if you don't stay! Domestic airfare is at its cheapest about two months before the departure date — although this can fluctuate. Research, research, research is the best option to save on summer travel.


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