Summer Save Series: What Is SmartyPig?

What is SmartyPig?

SmartyPig is an online piggybank for people saving for specific goals like a new mountain bike, a down payment on a home, a vacation, or starting a family. Our members have collectively saved nearly $5 billion dollars1 toward their financial goals. SmartyPig is a totally free, FDIC insured savings account that makes saving easy and rewarding. 

SmartyPig’s high interest rate can help you save more for your money. You can direct your earnings into another financial goal and withdraw all or some of your money from your savings account with ease at any time.

You can set multiple financial goals and open simple savings accounts for each goal. Save for long term financial goals like a home, children’s education or a dream vacation or set short term financial goals like your child’s birthday gift or planning a party.

With tiered interest rates, the more you save, the better rate you can earn!

Deposit Balance Required to Earn RateAPY (Annual Percentage Yield)2

$0.01-$2,500 - 1.80%

$2,500.01-$10,000 - 1.80%

$10,000.01-$50,000 - 1.80%

$50,000.01+ - 1.80%

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Setup Your Account

Setting up a high-yield savings account on SmartyPig is easy. Simply complete our quick and secure 4-Step registration process and you'll be up and running with your free savings account within a few minutes. Make sure to have your mobile phone, social security number, and driver’s license handy.

Create Your Savings Goals

As you consider different ways to save money, setting up general savings accounts are a great option. But experts say that saving is easier with specific goals because you visualize the prize rather than the process. Whether saving for a vacation, a flat-screen TV, or home improvements, SmartyPig makes it easy to track the progress of your savings goals.

Setup A Recurring Contribution

The simplest way to save is to do so automatically. You may choose to set up a monthly or biweekly recurring deposit from your linked bank account to ensure you never forget to save for your financial goals. We take time to verify your account with you for your personal security.

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Transfer Funds Anytime

We understand sometimes you need flexibility when it comes to savings. Fund your savings goals wherever and whenever you’d like. You may add or withdraw funds to and from your SmartyPig account at any time.

Share with Friends

For each friend you refer who sets up a high-yield savings account with SmartyPig and savings goal with a successful contribution, you will receive a referral reward of $10 from SmartyPig!

They finally got that trusty little piggy bank working for us all! Happy Saving!


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