Things You Can Donate Today


  • Old magazines

  • Books your kids have out grown

  • Old text books

  • Knick-knacks you don't want

  • Art that you don't display

  • Empty picture frames

  • Puzzles with one or two missing pieces

  • VHS tapes you no longer watch

  • DVDs you no longer watch

  • CDs you no longer listen to

  • Duplicate kitchen gadgets or kitchen appliances you never use

  • Cardboard boxes and packing materials

  • Plastic grocery bags

  • Reusable grocery bags you don't use

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  • Clothing that no longer fits

  • Gently worn shoes

  • Gently used belts and other accessories

  • Unneeded hats/scarves/gloves/mittens

  • Broken or mismatched jewelry (can be used for crafts)

  • Unused dishes/silverwarepots and pans you no longer need

  • Bakeware that’s taking up spaceun

  • Used glassware

  • Small appliances that are gathering dust

  • Out-grown baby gearout-grown bicycles

  • Camping equipment you no longer use

  • Curtains that don’t match your updated color scheme

  • Old formal wear

  • Gifts you’ll never use

  • Silk or fake plants/flowers

  • Extra storage containers

  • Aquarium and supplies that go along with it

  • Clean plush toys

  • Trial-size toiletries

  • Unexpired food

  • Lamps and light fixtures

  • Extra party supplies

  • Toys your kids have outgrown

  • Table linens that aren’t worn

  • Large working appliances

  • Unused gardening tools and supplies

  • Holiday decor you no longer like

  • Extra school supplies

  • Extra or unused craft supplies

  • Old cell phones (check out Amazon or Apples Trade-In Program to get cash or gift cards)

  • Extra bedding


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