Three Great (Free!) Apps To Help You Manage Your Debt

Paying off debt can seem almost impossible if you don’t know how to manage your finances. Not to mention you most likely have other expenses to worry about, whether it be saving for a house, paying regular monthly bills, or just dealing with day-to-day expenses. All these financial responsibilities, plus your increasing debt, can leave you with so many bills, you have no idea where to look for solutions.

Lowering monthly credit card payments and working with your budget to adjust spending habits can help you manage your debt. There is a great, easy and free way to get your debt under control: debt managing apps.

Debts Break – Debt Payoff Plan

There are five strategies provided, Highest Interest Rate First, Lowest Balance First. Highest Balance First, Earliest Payment Date First and Custom Order, Debts Break will show you pay off date and interest saved by each strategy. Use this app to manage your debts and track the pay off processes visually.

Key Features: ⁃ Shows remaining balance, monthly payments, paid amount and percentage of each debt. ⁃ Update remaining balance automatically. ⁃ Lists payment logs, mark them as paid or unpaid. ⁃ Add extra payment for any debts. ⁃ Supports zero interest rate. ⁃ Add notification for each debt. ⁃ Send Debt payments by email. ⁃ Five Snowball Payoff plan: Highest Interest Rate First, Lowest Balance First, Highest Balance First, Earliest Payment Date First and Custom Order. ⁃ Shows pay off date and interest saving of each strategy. ⁃ Turn Snowball method ON or OFF. ⁃ Four calculators: Loan, Payoff Date and Mortgage and Affordable Loan, send amortizations out by email. ⁃ Reports for percentage and balance amount of each debt, pie chart for balance and interest. Chart view of monthly amount of each debt. Chart view of yearly total debts payment and each debt. ⁃ Passcode protection. ⁃ Supports Touch ID as passcode. ⁃ Supports Wifi Backup and Restore. ⁃ Supports iCloud Backup and Restore. ⁃ Supports universal version (available on both iPhone and iPad). ⁃ Adds 3D Touch function. ⁃ Supports Apple Watch.

Debts Break updates remaining balances automatically, so you don’t have to worry about inputting the data each time you make a payment. The app includes payment logs and marks them paid or unpaid, giving you a visual of where your attention should be. You can also enable alerts to notify you of certain debts.

Debt Free Calculator

Debt Free Calculator shows all your debts, the full amount, the rate amount, the pay off amount, and the pay off date. It also includes a debt schedule, showing you a side-by-side total of your overall debt balance, the total interest, and the total amount repaid to date. This feature includes date, payment, interest, principal, and balance of each debt.

Debt Free Calculator also has a graph of all this information. It focuses on the Snowball Method, but you can choose to opt out and go with your own strategy or none at all.

Debt Free Calculator will help you payoff your debts faster.

Debt Free Calculator is an easy to use debt & loan calculator. The app lets you enter in various debts that you have and calculates the optimal payment strategy to get you out of debt as soon as possible.

You can choose from a number of different debt repayment strategies, including: • Highest Balance First, Snowball method • Lowest Balance First, Snowball method • Highest Interest First, Snowball method • Lowest Interest First, Snowball method • Or no repayment strategy at all

Features of Debt Free Calculator include: • Detailed debt payment schedules • Graphs • Statistics on your debts • Compare different payment strategies • And much more…

This is a great tool to get out of debt as soon as possible.

Debts Monitor

The app gives an overview of the total debt status, allows you to track payment transactions, and notifies you of upcoming due dates. There are three calculators you can use within the app: Payoff Date, Loan, and Mortgage.

The application breaks down each debt, including the month of each payment, the principal, the interest, and the remaining balance after each payment. It also shows a debt free date and the total amount of interest you will pay for all of your debts. Finally, you can see how much you will save if you pay off your debts early.

Keep all your debts and monitor them in one place by Debts Monitor.

Use Debts Monitor to organize, monitor, and payoff all your debts, Debts Monitor use Snowball method to help managing your debts, which is the most popular debts payoff method and recommended by many finance experts.

By Debts Monitor, you can see clearly about the payoff date, progress, transactions and amount etc, which helps you see clearly about your finance status, and make a good plan accordingly, also it makes you stress less partly when you see visually about your debt schedule.

Key Features:

⁃ Total debt status overview. ⁃ Track payment transactions. ⁃ Payment due date notifications. ⁃ Four payoff strategies: a). Highest Interest First b). Lowest Balance First c). Highest Balance First d). Custom Order ⁃ Three calculators: Payoff Date, Loan and Mortgage. ⁃ Pie chart report by category. ⁃ Pie chart reports remaining and monthly payments of debt. ⁃ Send payment transactions/amortizations by email. ⁃ Amortizations table. ⁃ Supports Wifi backup and restore. ⁃ Supports Dropbox backup & restore. ⁃ Passcode protection. ⁃ Supports Touch ID as passcode. ⁃ Set your own currency. ⁃ Customize reminders for your plan. ⁃ Supports 3D Touch function.

These are just a few apps that have options for everyone. You can use these apps in addition to others such as, an excel spreadsheet, or simple pencil and paper. No matter what process you choose you can take control of your finances!