Time To Declutter!

Summer is winding down, so it is now the perfect time to declutter!

You might not be thinking of the holidays yet, but soon enough it will be Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Thanksgiving!

So, now is the time to get organized.

Decluttering can gives a sense of satisfaction and control – something that is very calming, overwhelming and even crazy times. So why should you declutter now?

It frees up space for the all the new things that are going to enter your home during school, fall, and the holidays. It lets you and your family know all of the things you currently have so you don't acquire more things you don't need, but rather things and experiences that are new and will become great memories.

Before you start to declutter, take a breath. Start with one room or one area. Decluttering doesn't need to be all done in one day, unless you want to.

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Here are the first main areas you should declutter right now!

1. The Pantry

A pantry clean out may become oddly relaxing to you. You'll find food that you forgot you had, that isn't expired. Bring it to the forefront and use it. If you’re running low on something and allow you to re-stock by doing an online order that you can pickup at many places like Wal-Mart. This allows you stay within budget, not overbuy and know what you actually have and need in your pantry. If you have food you won't use that isn't expired donate it to local churches, organizations and food drives.

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2. Kids Bedrooms, Playrooms and Toys

Kids bedrooms and playrooms can become a mess if you don't stay on top of it; or better yet, teach your children that before they take out that board game, they have to put away their baby dolls first. This instills organization skills in them at a young age. It also helps you out too. Have them go through their toys and choose toys they actually use. Then have them do a pile they can donate or even sell.

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3. Your Closet

Okay, for many people this can be overwhelming. You go to clean out your closet, and all you see is dollar signs. Oh look, there is a shirt...with the tags still on it. Wow, what a waste of money, you think. If it is still within the return window, return it. If you know you are never going to wear it, sell it, give it to a friend or family member or donate it. You can't change what you already spent your money on, you can only do better on what you spend your money on in the future.

After you organize one area, you might start to feel...lighter. That is the best word to describe organization and a clutter-free area. You can enjoy the things you have and feel good about where your money went and where you choose to spend your money from now on.


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