Top 5 Affordable Gift Ideas For Hanukkah - Amazon Prime Options With 2-Day Shipping!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

1. Traditional Gifts: A great way to celebrate Hanukkah is to get back to to basics. Keep your Hanukkah traditions alive by giving your children a dreidel, or gelt -- chocolate coins are also a perfect gift no matter what age, or a menorah. Create family memories by teaching your children the dreidel game and playing it together.

2. Puzzles and Games: Check out your children's current collections of games. Only see the latest silly game? Well, let's get back to the simple but super fun childhood classics that may be missing. Purchase old favorites like Candy Land, Monopoly, Life, Operation and Clue from Amazon Prime and give them to your kids. Then throughout Hanukkah, play them together as a family.

3. Books: What can be better than a great Hanukkah themed book? There are so many options for each child based on their reading levels and interests. Local libraries often allow for purchasing books at an inexpensive price, as many have small book stores where donated books find new homes. If you are looking for Hanukkah themed books for children, check out these options on Amazon Prime: The Very Best Hanukkah Gift and Hanukkah Cookies With Sprinkles.

4. Pajamas: A great option no matter the age are pajamas. You can choose a silly pair, one with a Hanukkah theme or pretty blue options that are high-quality and priced perfectly for you, your spouse, or children or most recipients on your list.

5. Charitable Giving: Teach your children the joy of giving by dedicating one night of Hanukkah to charity. Set your Hanukkah budget and incorporate the amount you feel comfortable giving. Then you can choose a charity as a couple or decide as a family which charity or charities you'll donate the funds to. Alternatively, you can also purchase gifts for a children's charity, which are often running campaigns throughout the Hanukkah season.

Hanukkah, like many other holidays is about spending time with your family and passing on traditions down the family lines. You can easily add gifts into your nightly festivities without breaking the bank by practicing some planning, keeping a list, and sticking to your budget, all while having some Hanukkah fun!


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