Top 5 Best New Year's Eve Celebrations and Destinations - Happy New Year!

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The New Year, a time to celebrate what is to come. New Year's Eve is a wonderful time of year to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future, all while enjoying the moment. This is one holiday that is celebrated just about everywhere on the planet.

The thought that most people on this Earth are celebrating, having fun and enjoying life at the same, or similar times, is just a beautiful thought.

So, at Be Secure Financially, whether you will be celebrating with friends or family, in a new city, or just on your couch watching the ball drop in Times Square, we hope you have a Safe, Health and Happy New Year!

If you are looking for some last-minute travel inspiration, or just want to live vicariously and be inspired by various destinations, here are Top 5 Best New Year's Eve Celebrations and Destinations - Happy New Year!

1. New York

Of course, New York City tops our list at #1 for the Best New Year's Eve Celebrations. It is simply what New Year's is about. Even if you are nowhere near New York, you are more than likely familiar with or watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight.

The Big Apple on New Year’s Eve it’s the center of the universe for just about everyone. There are 38 different time zones counting down to midnight on December 31, but all eyes are on Times Square, as more than one billion revelers around the globe tune in to see the glittering, sparkly ball of light drop high above the crowd of one million partiers ringing in a new year. 

A wide array of concerts entertain the crowds both near and far who arrive as early as noon for prime viewing. There are also rooftop parties throughout the city that provide views of the dazzling fireworks. Whether rain, clear skies or snow, this is one event that many people throughout the world dream of partaking in, or at least enjoy watching it from their own destination.

2. London

Greenwich Mean Time is the standard from which all other time zones are measured and kept, so it stands to reason that Big Ben in London is a symbol of steadfast timekeeping and a New Year’s Eve icon. The view of fireworks along the Thames are so popular that London now sells tickets for attendance, and they start selling as early as September. So plan ahead for your stay. Personal finance bonus and fun fact: public transportation is free from 11:45 pm until 4:30 am! Now that is smart for a city. So you’ll save a few pounds, which is great since New Years travel can get super pricey.

3. Christmas Island

New Years on Christmas? Now that just sounds confusing. The Christmas Islands are known for their connection to another holiday (they were named by Captain Cook when he discovered islands on Christmas of 1777). If you love to celebrate, but in a relaxing, natural destination rather than a party place filled with strangers and crowds, this is the designation for you. So, why are these islands special? Well, they’re in the first time zone to reach midnight! There are a few parties at hotels throughout the islands, but this is really just for saying or having the experience that you get to celebrate the New Year first.

4. Hong Kong

Incredible fireworks in Hong Kong are a more common and familiar sight (both Chinese New Year and National Day see larger shows), but the show over Victoria Harbour is amazing. There is also a nightlong street party with massive crowds. The spectacular "shooting stars”, a pyrotechnic display of silver, green, gold and red, begin at 11 pm, marking the final hour of the year with rooftop launches every 15 minutes until the main event at midnight.

The 'Big Bang' at Wishes by hyku is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

5. Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Disney, is magic, and their fireworks are just as magical. From a destination that offers parades and fireworks every night of the year, you know the New Year's Eve fireworks display are extra spectacular. Countdown to Midnight is the main celebration attraction on December 31. This massive soiree includes cocktails in the Fantasia Ballroom, “cheftainment” (which adds new meaning to playing with your food, as chefs prepare shadowbox spectacles), an interactive DJ, a live band, and, of course, a champagne toast under one magical fireworks show.

Happy New Year!


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