Valentine’s Day - 20 Budget Date Ideas

Sometimes the best and most appreciated gifts are cheap or even free! This Valentine's Day at Be Secure Financially, to keep you on track to financial freedom, we want to give you some Valetine's Day Budget Date Ideas.

This Valentine's Day and any other day, really, remind your significant other how much you care by doing some of these sweet gestures.

  1. Make them breakfast!

  2. Leave a note in his or her briefcase or purse so they'll see it when they get to work.

  3. Bake their favorite dessert, or even better bake some Valentine's Day cookies or dessert together.

  4. Fill a jar with Hershey's Kisses and Post-it notes of compliments and/or things you love about your partner.

  5. Print out screenshots of your cutest text messages they probably forgot about.

  6. Give them a massage

  7. Make their dinner at home.

  8. Have a stay-in date night: snuggle and binge-watch a new show together.

  9. Organize their closet.

  10. Stargaze together. Blanket + wine + stars = bliss.

  11. Have a picnic at their favorite outdoor place.

  12. Fill up their gas tank.

  13. Go on a walk and talk about your favorite memories.

  14. Watch the sunrise, snuggle, and have coffee together the morning of V-Day.

  15. Email a list of sweet online articles that remind you of them.

  16. Have a few of their (cheap) favorite things waiting when they get home: their favorite beer, magazine, or candy.

  17. Write a book of IOUs they can keep for however long they want: cards that they can redeem at the time of their choice, like a foot massage, an ice cream date, a movie night, permission to have the remote all night, etc.

  18. Re-create your first date.

  19. Turn off your phones and computers for the entire day and just spend time together

  20. Write down a list of the qualities you love most about them — things you don't mention on a daily basis but that mean a lot to hear.


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