What Does It Mean To Live Minimally?

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Living minimally (Minimalism) is a trend that seems to be coming up everywhere now and for good reason. Not only is it budget friendly, but it’s a great way to keep things simple, clean, and best of all, organized too!

By learning how to live minimally it allows you to save money, time and focus on the things that are truly important. It helps you think about your life, what makes you happy, be grateful and to put less emphasis on happiness through material things.

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Living a minimalist life does not mean you have to throw away every single item in your home and live in a bare room with only a few items to your name, home or family

By going minimalist you are truly letting go of things you have no use for that are cluttering your home and life and making you unhappy, worried, cluttered or uncomfortable. You only keep the things that are essential to your life, your happiness, and yes, your joy.

Only you can decide what makes you feel comfortable and how much you can and are willing to let go of.

You don't have to let go of everything.

Just start with something small: a closet, a room, an unhealthy relationship, a refrigerator, a cupboard, and go through your life one thing or step at a time.

Ultimately the biggest benefit of living like a minimalist is happiness. By living in an area that is clutter free and keeping your possessions to a minimum it frees your time, lowers your stress levels, makes you aware of all of the wonderful things you have including non-material things such as family, friends, health. Best of all, it allows you to focus on more important things.

3 Quick Tips To Living Minimally


If you’re wondering how to declutter and live minimally but don’t know where to start then the first thing you need to do to help you live minimally is to purge.

Start with a drawers, and then shelves, then a closet. When you start with the drawer, ask yourself:

  • Do I need this?

  • Do I like this?

  • Will I use it?

Make sure you’re not holding on to anything that you don’t need. In order to create a minimalist home, you need to allow yourself to be grateful for the item then let it go.


Once you have removed the first items from your home it’s time to reorganize everything. Find a place for each item and make sure it is all very easy to find.


Learning how to live a minimalist lifestyle means learning to live with less.

This can be very difficult. It seems that we have grown accustomed to living with more, acquiring more, more is never enough.

However, look all around you see how much you have. You will be surprised to know how rich you already are.

Do not throw away things just to throw them away, don't be wasteful, be mindful. Think of what you want on your path to financial freedom. The keyword here is freedom.


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