Why Choose Liberty Tax?

At Liberty Tax®, they're committed to exceeding customers’ expectations every day. They have 3,000+ locations throughout the US and Canada. When you visit a Liberty Tax® office, you can rely on real help from real people – and products and tax services with real benefits.

20% Off is a pretty great promo too, after all, we love saving you money! :)

Their offices stand behind every tax preparation experience 100%. 

They Offer:

- Personal Tax Preparation

- Business Tax Preparation

- Hispanic Services

- File Taxes Online

Maximum Refunds

If you file with them online but get a bigger refund for the same return with a competitor, they'll refund your preparation fees.


If their math is off and it results in penalties or interest from the IRS, they'll reimburse you the amount of those penalties and interest.

They Also Offer Tax School

Tax preparation courses can increase your earning potential and set you on a better course.


Receive the online tax filing experience you deserve with help from your local tax preparation experts at Liberty Tax®.

100% Accuracy

Guaranteed to be correct thanks to the same application used by professionals, but designed for you. They ask all of the right questions and double-check every calculation so you can file with confidence.

File Fast

And they really do mean FAST. File taxes online in as little as 15 minutes. Built for both speed and accuracy — 30,000+ Liberty Tax® preparers use our tax software to service more than 2 million customers in 3000+ locations.

360° Support

You’re covered with industry-leading multi-channel support at your fingertips: chat, email, social, and in-person at 3000+ locations. Liberty Tax® gives you the help you want, the tools you need, and the experience you deserve.

The Also Offer Special Offers


Get paid up to $50 when you refer a new customer to Liberty Tax®!*

FREE Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Phone is FREE! No tax transaction required, just pay for 2 months’ service.

Get MileIQ Premium Free For 60 Days

File at a Liberty Tax® office and get a free two-month trial of MileIQ Premium.

Free Double-Check

They’ll even check your return for errors if it was prepared by someone else.